First Blog!!!

December 25, 2009

Dear Readers,

Please appreciate that this is my first blog of 2009, and it is timely in that some of my closest friends built my blogsite approximately 9 months ago. The end of the decade has spurred me on to initiate a personal e-journal of ruminations and meditations of my life – of course as it relates to those entities in the sphere of the outside world that affect/influence me both directly as well as indirectly.

My commitment to blogging will be to place posts on my site on a rolling weekly basis. I would like to state that all comments and feedback will be welcomed, assuming that the content from the reviewer be of a non-vulgar, non-obscene nature – as well as pertinent to the topic posted.

I am thoroughly excited of the coming months in which blogging will allow me to provide a mechanism for personal examination of a wide array of topics to the global internet community.

Thank you in advance for spending your time reading my thoughts, reflections, and meditations of inspiration.

Have a Fabulous Start to Your 2010,

Aaron G. Maestri