Aaron Maestri’s Blog – About

I would describe myself as an fairly intense, dynamic, sharp-minded A-type personality. My values are traditional – family, religion, and personal time need to be placed (in that order) as priorities over work and social events. That said, I do enjoy traveling both nationally as well as globally for business and pleasure – notably discovering the merits of new cultures abroad is fascinating to me and is essential to fulfilling a voracious appetite for learning.

My current career passion, which will soon evolve into a lifelong calling, is to ensure that novel medicines and therapeutics representing unmet medical needs will be advanced to the marketplace in a more expeditious fashion. Moving the drug development process in the healthcare system to proactive forms of diagnoses, rather than the archaic, antiquated system of reactive (now very costly to the public) medicine will certainly help to promote the  that the public receives the earliest medical support for a great majority of disease states, thereby improving the prognosis for patients in the developed as well as developing world.

One example of this proactive system would be the utilization of DNA-blood testing/screening of various circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in a wide array of cancer cell lines from approx. 2 mLs of blood secured from patients on a bi-yearly (or annual) basis.  From this simple test current screening methodologies run on micro-arrayed photolayered plates, a medically-trained technician can accurately target the determination of whether 10-100 abnormal cancer cells exist in 50 billion red blood cells!!! (thus potentially obviating: 1) the need for expensive MRI tests for locating advanced tumor sites and 2) applying chemotherapeutic, and/or surgery/radiation therapies to patients that have advanced cancer metastasis.)

My overall goal(s) for my personal blog will be to share yearly, monthly, & weekly reflections, meditations, and daily thoughts on life, science, medicine, friendship, love, family, mentorship, sports/sportsmanship, professionalism, ethics, morality, international news, foreign culture developments, and lastly how historical events – when combined with the occurrences of the present – lead to the advancement of the diversity of life for the future.  For those trained in the classical arts, this Blogsite will be a personalized modern-day exposition synonymous with the book Meditations (Author: Marcus Aurelius).


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